A very big welcome to the Mary Larkin website.

I do hope you enjoy browsing through it and trust it will be of some interest to you. I am trying to make your reading more interesting by introducing a street map, where you will be able to identify the various locations mentioned in my stories as you go along. Lots of you will already know the districts and streets mentioned in my books, but there will be others who may be pleased to spot these locations of times past and present and identify with them.

You will be able to pursue my sorely tried characters along these streets and across parks where they play out their everyday lives, sometimes with joy and at times rather sadly.

I really do enjoy writing about the past and I know from all the much appreciated emails you send me - and I trust you’ll continue to send me - that you also like wandering down memory lane with me.

The good news is that Blackstaff Press, a Belfast publisher, is publishing new editions of The Wasted Years and Full Circle, which will be available from 5 March. These two books will also be available as ebooks for the first time.

The books will be widely available at bookshops and from online retailers.